Welcome to innoetics' SpeakVolumes Service!

SpeakVolumes Service is an online service that allows you to convert your documents into synthetic voice of superior quality.
In the following paragraphs you can find detailed help about the service. If you have further questions or difficulties using the service, please contact innoetics at speakvolumes@innoetics.com

Service Requirements

All you need is a valid innoetics account for using the service, an internet connection (DSL and higher) and a web browser.
Recommended specifications:
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Internet browser (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer)
  • Javascripts must be enabled
If you have questions or problems with you account please contact innoetics at speakvolumes@innoetics.com

Logging into the Service

In order to log into the service you need a valid account. You need to enter your username and the corresponding password.
If you do not remember you password, you can ask the service to reset your password and send a new one at your email address. Simply follow the "forgot my password" link and enter your email address (it must be the same address as in your account details).

New Conversion

Here you can upload a document onto the service and convert it into speech.
For your ease, your uploaded documents are categorized into different JOBS. A JOB can include several versions of the SAME document, containing the exact file-tree of the uploaded files.

Creating a new JOB

If you want to create a new JOB, select "Create a new job", enter the name of it, and select the file you would like to upload onto it. Select the synthetic voice of your preference and press "Upload".
The service will ask you to validate your request after having informed you about the number of credits needed to perform the process. After you select "OK", the conversion process will begin. Depending on the size of your document and your internet connection speed, the conversion process may last several minutes.
When the process finishes, you will be notified by a service alert. Your document now is converted into speech and it is stored in your repository and a specialized personnel is notified in order to review your audio file.
After the reviewing of the document is performed, the service will automatically notify you via email about the availability of the reviewed document onto your repository. You can login at any time and download the reviewed audio file for your assessment. Once you agree with the performance of the audio document, you need to "approve" the audio file by pressing the button "Approve Job" at your repository section. In the unlikely event that you find flaws in your audio file that result in unintelligible segments, you should notify your account reviewer by sending him a personal message through the service. Please note that the underlying technology (Text to Speech Technology) even though is one of the best available technologies worldwide, it may sometimes sound artificial.

Updating A JOB

If you want to update the version of an already uploaded document of an existing JOB, all you have to do is to select "Update a JOB", and then select the JOB name of your preference. Once you select the existing JOB you would like to update, you select from your computer the document you want to upload and you press the button "Upload". The service will notify you about the process and the cost for it. Once you select to proceed, the service will acquire the document you uploaded, will convert it into speech, and then will store the new document onto your repository, under the file-tree of the JOB you selected to update. Again, as previously, the review process will take place soon after you have uploaded the new file, and you will be notified after it is finished.
At your repository you can find all different versions of the files you have uploaded in every JOB. You can delete any version that you do not want, or delete empty JOBS. You cannot delete JOBS that are not empty.
Once you delete a file or JOB you cannot restore it!

My Account

In this section of the Service you can find and change your account details. You can change your name details, address or contact details, as well as your account password.
Additionnaly you can find more information about your account credit and expiration date of your account. If you want to acquire more conversion credits or renew your subscription you should contact innoetics at speakvolumes@innoetics.com or at +30 210 68 75 343.

My Repository

In the section "My Repository" you can browse through all your JOBS you have created in the Service, as well as the files that are uploaded by you and converted by the service. You can download any of the files or delete them. If you want to delete an entire JOB you need first to delete all the contained files and then you will be allowed to delete the JOB.
Please note that after the deletion of any file or JOB, they cannot be restored!


In the Mailbox section you can read and send messages from and towards the service. More specifically, you can send a personal message to the person that is responsible for the reviewing process of your files, regarding any issue you would like to ask or clarify.
Similarly, here you can find any messages that you may receive from the service or the reviewing responsible.
Please note that if you delete a message you cannot restore it back.

Test TTS

In this section you can manually submit text to the service and listen to the results immediately. If you would like to test a voice, or wonder what a sentence would be spoken like, simply enter the text you wish to be spoken, select the voice of your preference press the button "Test". Once the audio is generated, it will be played back automatically through your web browser.
Please note that this feature is simply for assessment purpose and cannot be used to produce voice files that can be used otherwise.
Please also note that for your ease the input text is automatically limited to 1000 characters.


I cannot hear anything. Where is the sound?

Please make sure that you have connected your speakers to your computer and that the volume level is not too low.

When I upload a file it takes too long. Is it normal?

Depending on your internet connection speed and the document's size, the conversion process should take several minutes. Normally a 4-page document should take about one minute to convert.

The reviewed file has some problems when reading some abbreviations or acronyms.

You should notify the person who is responsible for the reviewing of your documents. You can do so by logging into your account and in the "Mailbox" section you can send him/her a message.

I don't have enough conversion credits and I want to convert some documents. What should I do?

Simply contact innoetics at +30 210 6875343 or send an email at speakvolumes@innoetics.com

I would like to change the voice I have used for a file. Can I do so?

You cannot change the voice used for an already converted document. You can however upload the same file and use a different voice, at the expense of the corresponding amount of the necessary credits.
If you don't see your question here please contact innoetics at speakvolumes@innoetics.com